New JLP Project – “Pass It On Pelham”

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Special Announcement! The votes are in and we have a new project on the slate! Pass it on Pelham will be added and we will no longer be participating in Teen Improv. While we’ve enjoyed all of the wonderful improvisation from our teens, we’re excited to see what Pass it on Pelham will bring to our community. Tara DeCandido and Jennifer DeLeonardo will co-chair the new project.
Pass it on Pelham seeks to connect lightly used baby/child clothing and gear from Pelham families to those families in need in the Pelham and surrounding area. The Pass It On committee will collect, organize and store donations from the Pelham community and reach out through schools, churches and other community organizations to identify local families in need. The needed items would then get distributed accordingly by volunteers.
We look forward to supporting this important project!