League Year 2021-2022

Board of Directors

  • President: Natalie Marrero and Jade-Snow Joachim
  • President – Elect / Planning VP: Aileen Dose
  • Secretary: Amy Platt
  • Treasurer: Jessica Doran
  • Sustainers-at-Large:
  • Fund Development VP: Amanda Starr, Lucienne Lozada Madey
  • Communications VP: Annette McCann, Stacy Gatto
  • Membership VP:  Erica Winter
  • Community Outreach Co-VP (Community Affairs): Kathleen Perell


Standing Committee Chairs

Membership Council

   Nominating & Placement Committee: Jessyka Calzolaio

  • Membership Committee: Elizabeth Ritchie, Jana Keavney
  • Programs & Education Committee: Alicia Washburn, Jacqueline Terrero

Communications Council

  • Technology Officer: Kate Doubler
  • Eblast Chairs: Jennie Utsinger
  • Social Media & Marketing Officer: Louisa Augeri, Jessyka Calzolaio
  • Web Content and Postings Editor: Karen Beaty, Emma Kiroucac

Fund Development Council

  • Assistant Treasurer: Anna-Liisa Corsi
  • Fund Development Chairs/Fall Fundraiser: Ali Corsi, Jamie Webb
  • Fund Development Chairs/Love Pelham: Pilar Bartlett, Rachel Tulchin
  • Fund Development Chairs/Gala Co-Chairs: Meredith Phelan

Community Outreach Council

  • Community Affairs Chair: Caitlin Mattina, Rebecca Scott
  • Public Affairs Chair: Sarah Hammer


Project Chairs

  • Backpack: Aileen Dose
  • Done in a Day: Greer Valinotti, Amy Platt
  • Ending Hunger: Stephanie Otero, Jaime Huggler
  • Pelham Cares: Amanda Stano
  • Professional Prep: Diane Otter, Angela Kang
  • Junior League of Scientists: Amy Rios, Kimberly Riegel
  • Signature Project: Ali Cox, Emily Sharrock