Middle School Library to Purchase More Books from Luminary Sale

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Proceeds from the Junior League of Pelham’s Third Annual “Pelham Loves to Read” fundraiser will be used to purchase more books for the Middle School Library. The luminary kit sale, where supporters purchase kits for home display the night of February 14th, aims to raise $10,000. The brand-new library, opened in 2005, currently holds only 3,500 books, purchased through donations and school district money, but has room for an additional 12,000.Middle School students are positively “glowing” over the decision. Maddy Stanich, a 7th grader says, “The library has books that I don’t have at home. I’m really happy about the money being raised because the librarians are really nice. They pick out books that kids our age like. They have different sections and try to have something for everyone to read”. Bria Jordan, a 6th grader agrees, “I just really like reading, I read a lot for fun”. The Middlle School students rolled up their sleeves to pitch in. As part of Learn and Serve, an after school club which has students participate in community by helping others, students worked closely with the Junior League to assemble the kits. They are also volunteering their time to sell the kits at the elementary schools and at other locations in the community. “The kids will experience first hand what it feels like to be the beneficiary of a community wide collaboration”, says Chris Darbyshire, mother of a Middle School student and a Junior League sustainer.“The Pelham Middle School students are so lucky to be the beneficiaries of this year’s Pelham Loves to Read, “ says Middle School Media Specialist Anne Calacci. “We will be able to purchase books for research projects, independent reading books for each English class and books for pleasure reading. We are extremely thankful to have been chosen to receive the proceeds from this year’s sale.”Luminary kits will be on sale today at Pelham Nursery and Elementary School and Saturday, February 10 at select Pelham businesses.