Junior League of Pelham Serves Up Dinner at CSA

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Junior League of Pelham Serves Up Dinner at CSA November 14, 2007; PELHAM, NY The Junior League of Pelham’s first dinner of the season at Mount Vernon’s Community Service Associates was a big success thanks to “a lot of little hands”, eighteen to be exact! Members brought their children to help serve a delicious dinner of turkey meatloaf, salad, rolls and brownies to over 70 hungry people last Tuesday night. The group assembled for dinner at Sacred Heart Church and included diners of all ages, from the elderly to young children. The director of Community Service Associates, Roberta Apuzzo, was delighted with the food and with the Junior League’s little helpers, “what they are doing tonight makes a big difference in the lives of these people, they love to see kids here”.  The Junior League of Pelham has been working with CSA to prepare and serve dinners for the past five years. Apuzzo explains that she prefers the term “giving towards a community rather than giving back.” “This is a more positive way to explain to children that what they do makes a difference and that it’s important to be hands on,” Apuzzo says. “This way we see we are more alike than different.” A big thanks to the JLP’s  thirty-three generous and talented chefs : Beth Talamas, Jennifer Dunbar, Missy Palmisciano, Page Edmunds, Melanie Tolan, Jessica Yalmokas, Kristin Bischof, Linda Woodward, Heather Bushong, Suzie Reavey, Kathleen Veteri, Felicia Brewer, Eileen Proffitt, Tara Lyons, Sandra Epes, Anneliese Turck, Mary McGowan, Beth Braun, Sally Winston, Elaine Chang, Erika Kalyvas, Kristen Timmermans, Laird Tolan, Holly Mellstrom, Cristina Kormann-Driver, Darah Murphy, Erika Connor, Carolyne Rainero, Tracie Cohen, Donna Alpert, Candice Ripoll, Leah Tahbaz and Mary Loughman. The Junior League of Pelham is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. PRESS CONTACT: Anneliese Turck,914-813-3496,AVL10@hotmail.com