Outstanding Women of Pelham – March 1, 2018

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All month long, we’ll be celebrating the accomplishments of women in our community with the ‘Outstanding Women of Pelham’ Project, which seeks to recognize women who are outstanding members of our community. All of the women honored with the award—which will be announced each day throughout the month of March—have put ideas into action, stood up for those who are less powerful, pitched in passionately in support of a project or cause and have made Pelham the community it is today.

Our first honoree is our founder, Elizabeth Junod, who presided over the transition of our organization from the Pelham Service League to the Junior League of Pelham in 1941. JLP, as it has come to be known, was the first Junior League established in Westchester County. Its purpose was to provide service opportunities to better the lives of women and children in our area. Over the next seven decades,JLP has tackled a broad range of issues in areas such as Education, Domestic Violence, Literacy, Cultural Arts, Healthy Families, Pelham Improvement, Healthcare and services for the Elderly and has consistently worked to beautify Pelham both through the signature projects and through other initiatives.

Elizabeth’s vision for our League lit the path for generations of women who followed, and we are tremendously grateful to her for her leadership.