Annual Dinner

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The JLP held its annual dinner Tuesday night, May 15 with a fiesta fantastica at the lovely home of Alix and John Dunn. Their beautiful back yard was the setting for a Mexican Fiesta, complete with sangria and delicious South-of-the-Border fare served up by Dave’s Depot Market.As her last official duty, outgoing President Jennifer Dunbar led the proceedings, announcing the activation of our new website and thanking her team for their hard work and impressive accomplishments. She then handed over the gavel and gloves to incoming President Cathie Arquilla, who thanked Jennifer for an outstanding year, including record-breaking fundraising.President Arquilla later introduced her new leadership team, who gathered for a bow to a round of applause from the crowd.Jennifer Meyer was also a featured speaker at the event, eloquently awarding our tie Volunteer-of-the-Year award to Julie Roche and Suzie Reavey, and our First Year Active award to Mary McGowan. If you would like to read the speeches from the evening, make sure you are logged in as a member, then go to the “About Us” tab and you will see a link to the speeches. Enjoy!